viernes, 16 de agosto de 2013

What does Google know about me?

The main source of income for Google is still advertising. For the company's Mountain View is essential to know the profiles and tastes of each of its users to be able to present the ads that are most suited to your tastes and needs and capture their attention and interest.

Google offers many services (mostly free) enjoyed great popularity as search, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Earth, YouTube, Google+, Analytics, Android and Google Play, Blogger, Google Alerts, Google Drive , Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Hangouts, Google Now, Google Chrome and some others. Can support all this only to advertising and also earn money? Apparently yes.

This is not bad. Google wants to know us better to offer us the most we may want or be required. Another story is that Google does (or can does) with this information (provide them to the government, selling, etc).

How to review our profile in Google?

Google Control Panel

There are two versions of the profile that has Google about each of us. The first is the Google Control Panel (Google Dashboard).

A comprehensive and detailed list of all services we use from Google (and can also be configured from there).

Email account, including number of messages, etc. AdSense Accounts, configured Alerts, Make and model associated with Android devices (including high and date last accessed).

Blogger Profiles, Number of contacts, Documents in Google Docs, Google+ profile and number of "+1" s. Location history in which it has been ordered by date.

Books downloaded from Goole Books, Photos in Picasa / Google +, Applications installed from the Play Store, Number of videos on YouTube. You can also access an option "Your online presence" through which you can monitor the results that appear when you enter our name and even set alerts, Etc. Etc.

Ads Configuration Panel

On the other hand, if we do not login in with a Google account, it can not link searches and other activities to a specific profile and therefore stores it as a cookie on the browser used.

The configuration of ads informations can be found here (it should be done after closing session in Google):

Google "remembers" any Google+ profile information although the session was closed for example if the last user was a man or a woman, your age range, etc.. In case you have no access to this data, Google attempt to estimate and generates interest based on my searches.

If I delete all cookies from the browser and I visit back the page

The result I get is all empty. Google will continue to show ads, but will no longer be based on my tastes and needs.

Any action using any of the many Google services has implications because is recorded. There should be nothing to fear but it is advisable to be aware of this and know the reality. Every day that passes the privacy is more complex to achieve.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed the post.

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