viernes, 16 de agosto de 2013

Google Takeout: Backup Picasa, Google+, Blogger, Youtube and Drive

If you want to make a perfect backup of your blog on Blogger, from your photos or images from Picasa (if you was integrated to Google+ it called Google Images)Google  Drive files or from your videos on YouTube, Google allows you to do these tasks to keep everything perfectly in any external hard drive and get all the information to know how many files or images you have, and how much you have left as a hosting site for download.

Takeout is not any site is of Google, and I recommend you make a backup from time to time of all your Google services or the services that you choose one by one, because with the changes made to Google+ and then some, would be terrifying to lose everything you've done for years.

Once the copies was done you have them on your hard drive with confidence knowing that you can carry all of Blogger to another platform, or if your work disappear they can be recovered.

Step by step

1) You can download all Google services together to make a copy, but it will take a lot depending on what you have uploaded to Google, and maybe some services that I not want backed up, but you can download them all at once.

2) You've chosen the service, especially beam backup your photos or images from Google+ and Picasa, as well as your blogs on Blogger, you click on configure to see your photo albums.

3) If you have choosen albums to save on disk, click on CREATE FILE

4) You will get a screen where you will see as you load your albums with a bar, and when finished loading the blue bar, click on DOWNLOAD, It will asking you for the password every time you download and make copies of a security albums. Put your password, and within seconds your albums, will be downloaded to your pc.

See ya.... Enjoy!

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