domingo, 14 de julio de 2013

How to move from Google Latitude to Google+ Location

Google Latitude is not longer present in the new version of Google Maps for Android. The social location service Google will close on August 9 after being running for over four years in Google Maps application for Android and the most popular mobile operating systems.

Google+ now has an option labeled Location in the mobile app. Tapping this tab will take you to a service that looks very similar to Latitude, with the faces of your friends and family members strewn across a large map. You can zoom in and pinpoint their last reported location, but you can’t ping them for a check in like you could in Latitude. As long as your friend is reporting their location, however, you will see them move on the map.

If you’re interested in sharing your location with others, you have to go into Google+ Location and pick who you want to share your location with. You can share publicly, so anyone with a Google+ account can see your location, or you can choose to limit your sharing to specific circles and people. If you’re an active Google+ user who uses the circle organization system, this process is really quick. If you have everyone dumped into one circle, you basically have to either put the people you want to share with in a circle and choose that circle or select each individual and share with them.

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