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How to integrate Citrix XenServer 6.2 with System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 (SCVMM 2012)

Hello my friends,

Now I will show you how to Integrate Citrix XenServer 6.2 with SCVMM 2012.

1) A SCVMM 2012 server
2) A Citrix XenServer 6.2
3) A PC with XenCenter installed
4) Microsoft System Center Integration Pack 6.2.0
for Citrix XenServer 6.2 Installers *

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------

* I downloaded from the Citrix website


1) Install Microsoft System Center Integration Pack

- If you did not this at the installation of XenServer, you can do it after.

a) Put the installers in CDROM drive of Citrix XenServer
b) Go to XenCenter and then XenServer console
c) Mount the CDROM in XenServer with following steps:

mkdir-p / mnt / tmp
mount / dev / / mnt / tmp
cd / mnt / tmp /
. /
cd /
umount / mnt / tmp

- After the installation this message should appears: "Pack Installation Successful"

2) Securing communication between XenServer and SCVMM

- Create DNS entries for your XenServer Hosts
- Using your browser connect to the FQDN of each of your XenServer hosts
- Click the Certificate Error in the Security Status bar and select View certificates
- Make sure the FQDN on the certificate matches the FQDN of the XenServer host your connecting to. THIS IS IMPORTANT.
- When the Certificate import Wizard comes up select “Place all certificates in the following store” than click Browse. This will bring up the “Select Certificate Store” dialog. Navigate to “Trusted People” than select “Local Computer” Make sure “Show physical stores” is selected, than press OK. Select Next on the “Certificate Import Wizard” to proceed.
- You should be prompted letting you know the import was successful.

3) Adding your XenServer host's to SCVMM

- Open SCVMM Console

a) Creating the Run As account
- Go to Settings / Create Run As account:
. Name: Type a name
. Username: Username to connect to XenServer, usually "root".
. Password / Confirm Password: Password for the "root"
. Validate Domain Credentials: Unchecked
. OK

b) Adding your XenServer Hosts

- Click the VMs and Services section to Proceed with adding your XenServer host's to SCVMM.
- Once in the VMs and services section you will see "Clouds" and "All Hosts" at this point you can create a new folder or Host Group for your hosts.
- Under "Computer Name" section you XenServer Enter FQDN.
- Make sure to select the account you created Previously Which in the creating "Creating a Run As Account" section above than click OK.
- Now that your "Computer Name" and "Run As Account" are selected, chose your "Host Group of" which you would like to add your hosts to than click "Add".
- Summary dialog this is where you confirm adding of the "Computers".
- Once your host's are added you will see your name XenServer pool as the "Cluster" in SCVMM, and under it are all of your hosts.

4) Troubleshooting

- Check DNS functionallity and if all relevant servers can be resolved
- Check if the XenServer Certificate is valid and correspond correspondence with the computer name specified.
- Make sure if using secure communication

See you in the next post


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