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How to encrypt your emails with Secure Gmail

With the scandal of PRISM, for example, many advise encrypt your emails.

The idea that was already implicit spied on us, but we have confirmed that our sense of vulnerability raises the maximum, there is not much we can do. While we will be able to be spied on when someone in this program or other more regional and unveiled we still want it no matter how much security we have, there are ways to reduce the amount of information that will take or the increasing difficulty that will require them to find it. One of these methods is email encryption, and we recently found a Chrome extension that handles this.


- A Gmail account
- Google Chrome installed


1) Install Secure

- Open Google Chrome and go to Google Chrome Web Store: https://chrome.google.com

- In the search type: Secure Gmail and enter.

- Click on Secure Gmail by Streak

- Click Add to Chrome / Click OK to confirm

2) Sending a encrypted email

- Go to Gmail

- You will find next to the Compose button, another button again. That will be how to tell the extension you want to write an encrypted email.

- Then you will see the pop of writing but with the title in red.

- Write the recipient's address, a subject and then email content normally.

- When finished, pressures on the Submit button Encryption and the extension will be prompted to enter a password to encrypt it. You can add an optional password hint in case your recipient does not know the password. *

- The email arrives in your Inbox coded container with a button to open the popup and enter the password. **


* If you use password hint, the password is information that you two have in common and no one else can find with that suggestion.

**  In the case of the recipient not having Secure Gmail extension installed, a link to the download will come attached to the same email encryption

*** A detail is that the recipient can not answer with the same email encryption, so no conversation possible. So you will need to click the lock icon next to the reply button to compose a new message with encryption.

See ya.


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